Workshop: Practical Planning for Disaster Resilience in your Organisation

Disaster Resilience

Planning for Resilience: Sustaining your organisation in the aftermath of disaster.

Extreme weather events are becoming increasingly common. The impacts of climate change are being felt NOW. The devastating drought in NSW is just one example of how communities are being affected.

Community Service Organisations (CSOs) are often the first responders for people in crisis. You are the known and trusted faces in your community. You provide a welcoming space and a safe haven for many people, including those experiencing adversity and disadvantage.

How will these people manage if you are forced to close your doors (even temporarily) because of the impacts of an emergency or disaster on your organisation?

In this workshop we will explore disaster preparedness for organisations across 3 primary domains:
  • People (client and staff safety and wellbeing)
  • Communication (communications, IT)
  • Restore functions (staffing, service outlets, budgets, service delivery management/governance)

Participants will have the opportunity to begin to develop their own disaster preparedness plan (for their organisation or team). They will focus on one of the three resilience domains.

The workshop will also explore strategies for:
  • Starting a plan
  • Getting buy-in from everyone in the organisation
  • Keeping the plan alive

Presenter: Anne Crestani

Anne Crestani

Anne Crestani is the Project Manager for the Walk With program which is auspiced by Gateway Family Services in the NSW Blue Mountains.

Anne has worked in the community sector for close to 20 years in a variety of front-line and management roles.

Anne also set up and managed the Step by Step bushfire support service which provided crisis support and assistance to over 500 households impacted by the 2013 Blue Mountains bushfires.