Workshop: Self-Care for Workers in the Community Sector

Self Care

Self-Care – Not Just Scented Candles

The work that we do in the community services sector is often challenging and stressful, and is undertaken in the context of tight budgets and staffing levels. This leads to high levels of stress and burn out in our workers.

Self-care is not just a nice idea – it is an essential to reduce staff turnover and promote positive outcomes for clients.

In this workshop we will think about:
  • What does work/life balance really mean and how does it contribute to wellbeing?
  • How to maintain a base level of health and wellbeing?
  • How to manage crisis points and traumatic situations?
  • What a realistic self-care plan looks like for you?

Presenter: Linda Watson

Linda Watson

Linda Watson is the Director of the Centre for Community Welfare Training (CCWT), which is the training arm of the state peak body the Association of Children’s Welfare Agencies (ACWA).

As such she leads a very busy team of trainers, project managers and administration staff in a sector that is undergoing immense change and has had to manage her own self-care in order to be effective, productive and reasonably happy.