Workshop: Culture Intuitive

Culture Intuitive Workshop

Why Are We Our Ancestors?

(Learn the origin of Unconscious Bias)

There is remarkable freedom gained in understanding why you act the way you do. This freedom will affect every part of your life, from relationships you have, to your feelings about your possessions and the things you do, to the attitudes you have about yours and other peoples place in the world.

You will see how the revelation of the different shared beliefs led us to a new understanding of behaviours in this country, how it contrasts with behaviours in other cultures, and what these differences mean for all of us. Once you learn your own Instinctive Inheritance, nothing will ever look the same again.

Workshop Presentation Abstract 


Presenter: Nola Turner-Jensen

Nola Turner-Jensen

Nola Turner-Jensen is an Aboriginal Australian woman from the Wiradjuri language group on her Mother’s side & Irish on Dad’s side. A former Social Worker running youth shelters, Nola has led a team of people in a world first study who searched over a six-year period for the tangible elements of what makes a culture unique or different to another? What is a person’s Instinctive Belief System that they live by and drives their unconscious thoughts and bias? This research project is called the CultuRecode™ Project.

In 2006 Nola established the first Indigenous Focused Early childhood company in Australia’s history. An accomplished writer Nola has published four children’s books. As Principal Director and founder, Nola is the content writer for Crackerjack Education Australia’s leading Indigenous run company of its type. In this role, having written & designed over 100 interactive digital resources, e-Books & games

In 2013 Nola was chosen by Oxfam as 1 of 60 Indigenous women leaders across Australia to attend the Straight Talk convention in Canberra.

In 2014, Nola’s company was a finalist in the Business section of the Australian Human Rights awards. Nola was chosen as one of 12 Aboriginal women to be featured in the 2018 NAIDOC (National Aboriginal & Islander Day Organising Committee) E-Book celebrating the leading Aboriginal female entrepreneurs in Australia

Nola was recently awarded the 2019 Fellowship of the First Nation Australian Writers Network.