Workshop: Deeper Dive into Changing Community Culture regarding Customer/Client Aggression

Deep Dive into how might we influence community attitudes to improve customer behaviour.

Opportunity to be involved in the codesigning community strategies to improve customer behaviour in our communities.

This work will support LCSA’s ‘local communities leading change’ by helping communities to better understand the social impact of aggression in the workplace with participants supporting the development of a community-led change strategy.

Presenter 1: Andrew Ellery

Andrew Ellery

Andrew is the Head of Community Engagement at icare.

Andrew has a background in the social sector focused on disadvantaged communities, supporting people with a disability and the promotion of wellbeing.

Andrew is experienced in community engagement and strategic planning and was instrumental in establishing The Collective NSW.

Andrew was involved in the development of the NSW Mental Health Commission’s approach to promoting wellbeing and is a member of the NSW Mental Health Network.

Andrew enjoys playing guitar and walking (often at the same time) to support his mental health and wellbeing.

Presenter 2: Samantha Ferguson

Samantha Ferguson

Samantha Ferguson is the Senior Research Fellow for RISE.

Samantha has a background in social and developmental psychology and its application to areas such as injury prevention, rehabilitation and wellness. 

Samantha's expertise spans both quantitative and qualitative research designs and she has a strong background in large scale project management and evaluation.