Role of Neighbourhood Houses in the Tasmanian Bushfires

Tasmanian Bushfires

In January 2019, Tasmania was in the grip of fire crisis. The town of Geeveston came under direct threat from an active and uncontrollable bushfire. At the centre of town is our neighbourhood house, known locally as GeCo. In the months since the fire we have been at the heart of the recovery process.

What role can a neighbourhood house play during and after disaster?

This session will look at strategies for personal and emotional recovery, building community resilience and political activism. What enables you and your people to adapt and grow? Storytelling, current research and practical activities will be used through the session to help you think about your own ways of coping and what you and your community can do to recover after traumatic events.

Presenter: Lauren McGrow

Lauren McGrow

Lauren McGrow, PhD is a Research Fellow at Charles Sturt University, a staff member at Geeveston Community Centre in Tasmania and a lover of fine wine and cheese.

Lauren has 20 years of experience in the community sector and her research examines the intersections of human rights, sexuality and religion.