Connecting Communities Conference 2019

The Connecting Communities Conference is an annual event for the Local Community Services Association (LCSA) - the peak body for Neighbourhood and Community Centres in NSW. Our theme for this year is “Local Communities Leading Change”. Neighbourhood Centres and other Community Development organisations have always played in vital role in acting as a catalyst for local change, by bringing people together, providing non-stigmatising services and activities, by providing local place-based solutions to local issues and most importantly by acting as a conduit between local services, government agencies and other stakeholders to build stronger, connected communities.

"Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

This quote by Margaret Mead has guided community development practitioners world-wide in empowering communities and community leaders to act for change. The LCSA Connecting Communities Conference 2019 will highlight some aspects of community work in the NSW context as we gather to learn and inspire each other.

With topics of social inclusion, loneliness, self-determination and community-led change and combining plenary sessions, discussion groups, workshops and an excursion, the Conference will explore how we build resilient strong communities, connecting them and creating change at the local level.

Who Should Come

  • Board members, managers and staff of TEI funded services
  • Community services workers based in Local Government
  • FACS staff from Central & District Offices working in the TEI space
  • Community partners from government and non-government agencies working with vulnerable children, young people families and communities

Why You Must Come

  • Be inspired by Keynote Speakers who are thought leaders in their respective fields
  • Deepen your understanding of social justice issues and build your capacity to take action on social policy
  • Strengthen strategies for community change and engagement
  • Embrace leadership and governance challenges in times of change
  • Understand and take action to transition successfully to TEI Reforms
  • Connect with colleagues to share experiences and spark new ideas